Dance Stage Schedule

​Dancing Demonstrations

Visit the dance stage and learn about both Scottish and Irish dancing!

Scottish Highland Dance
Scottish Highland Dance is traditionally danced solo, either in competition or exhibition.  It is an extraordinary example of grace and skill while telling stories of Scottish History.  From the Highland Fling to the Blue Bonnet's, each dance speaks to the history and experience of the Scottish people, some of them going back before the 12th Century.  Highland dancing is made of the Highland dances, National Dances and Character Dances. 

​Scottish Country Dances
Scottish country dancing, or “reeling” is a form of social dance involving groups of mixed couples of dancers tracing progressive patterns according to a predetermined choreography. The men wear kilts, and the women wear white or tartan skirts and plaids.

Irish Dances
Irish dance can broadly be divided into social dances and performance dances. Irish social dances are usually danced by couples arranged into formations. Variations in the way a particular dance is danced are found across the Irish dance community. Irish performance dancing is usually referred to as stepdance.