Pipe Majors’ Challenge Trophy – ​All Pipe Majors (bagpipe band musical directors) competing in the piping competition will also be competing for the Pipe Majors Challenge Trophy. The Pipe Majors’ Challenge is a friendly competition with “major” bragging rights. The competitor will compete in one or more events in his/her appropriate individual grade level. The winner will be decided based on the total percentage of points awarded to points attempted.
2003 – Dan MacKay
2004 – John McDade
2005 – Dan Ferguson
2006 – Justin Ferguson
2007 – Max Sandmeyer
2008 – Not Awarded
2009 – Not Awarded
​2010 – John McDade
2004 – P/M Ron Lopez (Boise Highlanders)
2005 – P/M Ron Lopez (Boise Highlanders)
2006 – P/M John McDade (Sleekit Beasties)​
​2007 - 2009 Not Awarded
Special Piping Awards
The Vicar’s Trophy – In memory of Ron Elerick (1944-2003)
This perpetual trophy is awarded periodically, at the judges discretion, at the Treasure Valley Highland Games to the piper deemed by the judge to have given the best account of himself. Ron Elerick, “The Vicar”, was a founding member of the Sleekit Beasties Pipe Band in Boise Idaho. He knew he wasn’t the best piper around, but he loved the pipes, and played from the heart, for the love of music and the love of God. He understood, better than most of us, that when the final score is written against your name, it shows, not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game.- Play on, Ron Elerick!
Solo Bagpiping Competition
Solo piping competition tests the skill of a piper, based on the competence expected at certain stages of a musician’s development. The competition is arranged strictly according to skill level, not age. Because a musician may begin piping as a child or as an adult, it is common to see pipers of all ages competing in the same grade.
​Grade V (5): This is the beginner level, and competitors play on a full set of pipes. The goal is for the competitor to play an entire 2 or 4 part tune (depending on the rules of the competition). Generally tunes are played more slowly than higher grades.
​Grade IV (4): Slow tunes are played, and quick tunes are played at a somewhat reduced tempo. The goal is for the competitor to play the tune with more emphasis on musicality and expression.(The following are not offered at the Games this year)
​Grade III (3): Good execution of notes is expected. Marches are played “up to tempo”, while Strathspeys and Reels are still played more slowly at this grade. 
Grade II (2): The performer demonstrates a command of many tunes, judges can select from several submitted. Drones are steady and tuned very well. MSR (march, strathspey and reel) are played at tempo. Very good embellishments, musicality and expression.
Grade I (1): Excellent playing, everything just about perfect. Performance is just shy of professional quality.
Open/Professional: All aspects of performance are consistently outstanding: drones stay steady and tuned for long periods of playing, lovely expression, crisp and clear embellishments, very fast tempo on demand.
Practice Chanter
001. Any March 

Grade 5
501. Any March
502. Slow Air

Grade 4 
401. Medley (2-3 minutes) 
402. 6/8 March 

Grade 3 
301. 2/4 March (four parts)
  302. Strathspey & Reel (four parted tunes)

Grade 2
  201. March/Strathspey/Reel (Submit two marches, one Strathspey, one Reel) 

Special Event
  901. Trio Piping
902. Trio Piping OPEN - open to any group grade 3 and above
  903. Grade 5 & 4 Piobaireachd - rules 11 & 13
  904. Open Piobaireachd - rule 14
  906. Open Piping -
​Open to pipers of all grades 3 and above. Medley, minimum 3 minutes, maximum 5 minutes. May play same medley played in other events.


Be sure to make time to listen to the bagpiping. We have several pipe bands at our Festival and they will be playing throughout the day. In addition to the bands we have our piping competition which includes the popular “Trio” event which consists of teams of three pipers compete in a harmonious event that stirs the Scottish blood in all of us!

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Coordinator:Judy Pittman

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